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The present rental is concluded as a temporary residence and for pleasure. The premises shall not be used as a principal or secondary residence, and the LESSEE shall not carry on any commercial, craft or professional activity there.

Consequently, the contract shall be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code and the conditions set out herein.


The TENANT will pay the AGENCY, at the time of availability or entry into the premises, a security deposit in € including tax, intended to guarantee any damage to the furniture and property caused during his stay, as well as the cleaning costs and energy consumption (when not included in the price). This DEPOSIT can in no way be considered as an advance payment of the rent and WILL NOT BE PRODUCTIVE OF ANY INTEREST.

It shall be returned to the LESSEE as soon as possible and at the latest within 30 days of his departure, after deduction of any objects replaced, any costs of repair, additional cleaning costs and the amount of energy consumption when not included in the price. This period may be extended in the event of a dispute. If the security deposit proves to be insufficient, the TENANT undertakes to pay the full amount.


The TENANT must be insured with a well-known insurance company against the risks of theft, fire and water damage, both for his rental risks and for the rented furniture, as well as recourse from neighbours, and must prove this at the first request of the LESSOR. Consequently, the LESSOR declines all responsibility for the recourse that his insurance company could exercise against the LESSEE in the event of a claim.

CANCELLATIONinsurance is not included in the price of this contract.


Any cancellation of a reservation shall be notified by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. In the event of cancellation by the client, the deposit will be retained.

If no holiday cancellation insurance is taken out :

In the event of cancellation less than one month before the start of the rental period by the tenant, the total amount of the rental is due as a penalty clause. If the tenant has to shorten his stay, the rent will be retained in full without any reimbursement being made on any grounds whatsoever.

If a delay of more than four days in relation to the planned date of arrival has not been notified by the lessee, the lessor shall be entitled to try to re-let the accommodation while retaining the right to take action against the lessee.

In case of cancellation insurance :

In the event of cancellation within one month of the rental period by the hirer, the insurance policy will cover the remaining balance of the rental period, provided that the cancellation conditions are in accordance with the insurance policy.


         In the event of closure of access to the holiday location or confinement of the hirer's point of departure or arrival, the agency will apply government guidelines.


The rental is agreed for a stay which starts on the day of arrival from 4 pm and ends on the day of departure at 10 am at the latest. We insist on the respect of the agreed time, as the cleaning staff intervenes on very short notice, we ask the tenant to facilitate their task, as we have asked the previous tenants. The keys are handed over on the day of arrival.

A fixed sum of 40 euros (including VAT) per key will be charged to the TENANT in the event of loss of the keys given to him.

No keys may be handed over outside theAGENCY's working hours.

The TENANTmust give 48 hours' notice of his arrival time.

Late arrivals give rise to an additional reception fee to compensate the staff. They are 50€ including VAT for arrivals after 8pm.

On the day of arrival, an inventory of fixtures will be made by the Lessor with the Tenant. The INVENTORY of all the movable objects contained in the rented premises is available in the rental. The LESSEE shall check that the equipment is in good working order and shall report any anomaly within 24 hours. After this period, it shall be deemed to be in order. In the absence of an inventory of fixtures drawn up on the day of entry into use, the LESSEE shall be presumed to have received the rented premises in a good state of repair and shall return them as such (art. 1731 of the Civil Code).


The RENTER wishing to extend his stay must make a request at least three days before the planned end of the stay. If the extension is possible, he/she shall immediately pay the corresponding amount. If the TENANT does not vacate the premises on the day and at the time specified in the DURATION paragraph, he/she shall be required to pay an occupancy indemnity due for the period not provided for in the initial contract and the amount of damages that may be claimed by theNEXT OCCUPANT whose stay would thus be compromised.

The LESSEE shall allow any urgent work required to maintain the rented premises and the common equipment to be carried out on the premises without compensation. In a collective building, the LESSEE shall comply with the internal regulations of the Residence.

The TENANTundertakes not to throw objects into the toilets or any other drains that could obstruct them, failing which he shall be liable for all the costs of repairing them.

The TENANT, under penalty of termination, may not under any circumstances sublet or transfer his rights without the LESSOR's agreement. The TENANT shall not do anything that may disturb the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood.

It is also forbidden to erect tents in the garden or to park caravans in the garden. In the event of a breach of these rules, the agency may terminate the rental and apply a proportional compensation. (In this case it will be deducted from the security deposit).

The RENTAL is provided without linen.

The premises may only be occupied by the number of beds permitted.

If this number of persons is exceeded, the LESSOR shall claim a fixed compensation of €100 per day.

No animal will be allowed in the rental without the agreement of the LESSOR. In case of acceptance by the LESSOR, the pet (dog, cat) must not cause any damage to the rented property or any disturbance in the neighbourhood.

If, the following year, the LESSEE wishes to rent the premises covered by this contract or any other premises belonging to the same owner, he undertakes to do so through theAGENCY.


The hirer must never intervene personally in the pool machinery, nor in the water treatment, nor in the PH regulation. The owner undertakes to provide a safety system in accordance with current legislation. It is however the responsibility of the tenant to take all necessary precautions for the use of the pool, in particular if he/she is staying with young children, whom he/she must supervise.

The pool must be closed in case of absence. The tenant acknowledges that he/she is not responsible for any accident occurring to him/herself, his/her family or his/her guests.


On the day of departure, an inventory of fixtures will be carried out with the TENANT. The TENANT shall be required to return the designated items to each room. He will have to reimburse the missing or deteriorated objects and will be held responsible for any damage or deterioration that he may have committed in the rental. If these various expenses exceed the amount of the security deposit, the LESSEE expressly undertakes to pay the balance in full. The TENANT must give the LESSOR at least three days' notice of departure (except for weekend rentals).

The AGENCY reserves the right to carry out all departure formalities after the TENANT's departure. In this case, the security deposit will be returned as soon as possible and at the latest within 30 days following the departure. The TENANT must leave the dishes and appliances washed and tidied, the dishwasher emptied, the fridge free of perishable food and cleaned, the barbecue and grill cleaned, the "ordered linen" collected, the rubbish emptied, and without the "ordered cleaning" service, the rented accommodation must be clean and the floors washed. Failure to comply with this clause will result in costs for tidying up, and theAGENCY reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee.


For the execution of these presents, the undersigned parties elect domicile in the offices of theAGENCY and agree that in the event of a dispute, the competent court will be that of the jurisdiction of the rented accommodation.

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